Kapow! Boilerplate

Kapow! empowers you to get up and running with WordPress site development using Vagrant + VVV, whilst taking advantage of the front-end, tooling and theme goodness that the other modules have to offer. The Skeleton consists of the following:

  • A clearly defined folder structure
  • A comprehensive .gitignore file
  • Useful front-end polyfills
  • NPM, Bower, Composer and Bundler (for Gems) dependency manifests
  • WordPress configuration files
  • Vagrant configuration files
  • An optional Vagrant database backup script

On it’s own, the Skeleton isn’t a lot of use unless you’ve already got your own Sass, build tool and theme components to drop into the project. Thankfully, the Skeleton is designed to work with the other members of the Kapow! family: the Sass, Grunt and Theme components.

Website & documentation coming soon

For now you’ll find all you need in our GitHub repo.